Injured Soldiers Represented With Compassion

injured soldiers

Are you a soldier? Did you get into an accident? With medical expenses fully covered, some soldiers don’t feel entitled to a Personal Injury claim after an accident. Vehicles belonging to soldiers can also be damaged. We at the Kanthaka Group are committed to advocating on behalf of those injured by another party’s negligence. 

Quite often, it happens: active duty service members can suffer serious injuries in accidents that are unrelated to their military service. One of the main causes is car accidents. Other personal injuries include: 

TRICARE and Car Accidents

TRICARE is the uniformed services health care program covering active duty service members, their families, retirees and their families, survivors, and certain former spouses. It is possible to get TRICARE coverage for medical expenses resulting from a car accident. In the event that TRICARE has covered costs for which it paid compensation, it has the right to demand repayment in full. As a result, hiring an experienced lawyer, who knows how to request reductions and, sometimes, waivers, is crucial. By doing this, you can keep a larger share of any settlement or jury verdict.

When the proper protocol is followed and the process is managed effectively, injury victims can often keep more of their compensation. Although the U.S. government provides TRICARE to its service members, when someone else causes your injury, you deserve compensation.

Get The Compensation You Deserve

Our team will thoroughly investigate your accident and injuries to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve:

  • Lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical costs

An attorney who is experienced with handling personal injury cases for service members is necessary if you were injured in an accident while off duty. As experienced personal injury lawyers, we at Kanthaka Group understand how to handle your claim. We have experience helping clients secure military benefits. Our military lawyers stand by you today to ensure you have a better tomorrow. Call us at (719) 633-2222 for a consultation with our Colorado Springs military lawyers.