Kanthaka Law provides zealous representation when your rights are at risk.

It might start with a summons or being physically placed in the custody of law enforcement agents; but, you have been arrested. The difference is that with a summons, the Court directs you to appear at a particular place and time to answer the charges made against you – it’s a non-custodial arrest. When you receive a summons, you are arrested; you are subject to the control of the Courts. You are charged with a crime and face potential jail time as well as a criminal conviction. Just because you have received a summons, doesn’t mean you are in less jeopardy than someone that is physically arrested. When you are taken into physical custody, there is little doubt that you are being arrested – it is a custodial arrest.


Whether you received a summons or were physically arrested, this is the time to remember you have the right to remain silent and to use it. The only acceptable response to law enforcement is – “Thank you, and may I contact my lawyer please.” So many clients have felt they can explain their way out of an arrest or a summons – you can’t. Any statement you make may and likely will be used against you. Call a lawyer.

Kanthaka Law represents people accused of crimes in a variety of settings, from traffic and municipal court to our state district courts. We have represented people like you accused of drunk driving and of first-degree murder. In Federal Court, we have defended minor offenses to charges under the False Claims Act and the International Trade in Arms Regulations. Our practice has included courts in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming and Federal Courts from Wyoming to Kentucky. Our attorneys also have years of service as Judge Advocates in the Army serving as Trial Counsel (prosecutors) and experience as a Military Judge as well. 

We represent clients in:

    1. Colorado Springs Municipal Court
    2. Colorado County and District Courts
    3. Federal Court
    4. Military Courts-Martial

We know criminal defense. 

At your first opportunity, call Kanthaka Law to get your defense team together. On major cases, we often will associate with other counsel to bring to you the best Team of lawyers, investigators, and paralegals possible. Face it – the Government has no limit to the resources it can throw into the fight to win a conviction. At Kanthaka Law, we take pride in evening the odds for our clients.