Kanthaka Group’s Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyers Provide Zealous Representation When Your Rights Are at Risk

It might start with a summons or being physically placed in the custody of law enforcement agents; but, you have been arrested. The difference is that with a summons, the Court directs you to appear at a particular place and time to answer the charges made against you – it’s a non-custodial arrest. When you receive a summons, you are arrested; you are subject to the control of the Courts. You are charged with a crime and face potential jail time as well as a criminal conviction. Just because you have received a summons, doesn’t mean you are in less jeopardy than someone that is physically arrested.

How Will A Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer Be Able to Help You?

Criminal defense lawyers are responsible for defending someone accused of a criminal offense. We are required to zealously represent our clients in the criminal process to ensure they receive the best result possible.

Our Colorado Springs criminal lawyers have worked with several clients throughout their criminal law needs. We will be able to guide you through your situation. Our legal team will serve as your guide, protector, and advocate.

Our Colorado Springs legal team is more than willing to take your case to trial. Along with going to trial, our criminal defense lawyers will examine witnesses, help formulate a plea (if appropriate), analyze the prosecutor’s case, assess the potential sentences; such as the likelihood of a particular judge awarding such a sentence, review search and seizure procedures, question witnesses, and gather evidence. Defense counsel can also advise on the potential consequences of a plea, conviction, or criminal record.

Colorado Springs defense criminal lawyers also provide more personal and individualized services by informing the defendant about the possible outcomes of their legal situation. Our criminal lawyers also help our clients deal with the frustrations and fears resulting from being thrown into the criminal justice system. Finally, if a trial is not appropriate, our legal team is well-versed in effectively negotiating plea agreements. The plea agreement negotiated may include reduced charges or reduced sentences. As a result of several factors, including political and public pressure, overcrowded jails, and overloaded court calendars, deal-making has grown significantly in importance and has become an essential element in unclogging the criminal justice system.  Our criminal defense lawyers have the knowledge and experience to negotiate efficiently on our client’s behalf to get results that work in their best interests.

What Should You Do If You Are Arrested near Colorado Springs?

Whether you received a summons or were physically arrested, this is the time to remember you have the right to remain silent and to use it. The only acceptable response to law enforcement is – “I wish to remain silent and would like to contact my lawyer, please.” So many clients have felt they can explain their way out of an arrest or a summons – you can’t. Any statement you make may and likely will be used against you. Call us as soon as possible and let us handle speaking with law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office.

Types of Cases Our Colorado Springs Criminal Lawyers Handle

Kanthaka Group law firm represents people accused of crimes in a variety of settings, from traffic citations to serious felony offenses in municipal courts and district courts. Our Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyers have represented people just like you, accused of everything from drunk driving to first-degree murder. In Federal Court, we have defended minor offenses to charges under the False Claims Act and the International Trade in Arms Regulations. Our practice has included State Courts in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming and Federal Courts all over the United States, from the West Coast in California and Washington to the midwest in Kentucky and Illinois and further to the East Coast including Alabama and Virginia, with many states in-between. Our criminal lawyers also have years of service as Judge Advocates in the Army serving as Trial Counsel (prosecutors) and experience as a Military Judge as well. 

We represent clients in:

  • Colorado Springs Municipal Court
  • Colorado County and District Courts
  • Federal Court
  • Military Courts-Martial. 

Our Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Here to Serve Your Needs

At your first opportunity, call our Colorado Springs attorneys at the Kanthaka Group law firm to get your defense team together. In major cases, we will often associate with other counsel to have the best team of lawyers, investigators, and paralegals possible. Face it – the Government has no limit to the resources it can throw into the fight to win a conviction. At Kanthaka Group, we take pride in evening out the odds for our clients.

We are dedicated to setting you up for success in your criminal law case. Loyalty is our commitment to focus on the needs of our clients. Integrity is our dedication to competent legal representation in the service of our clients. Honor is our practice of guiding our clients to achieve their goals within the ethical bounds of the legal profession.

Contact our team today to get the representation that you deserve.