Loyalty. Integrity. Honor.

Our Colorado Springs lawyers take a pragmatic view when studying your situation and determining a course to follow for a positive resolution. Our belief is that ethical, yet strong and aggressive advocacy yields the best results in all endeavors. By combining compassion, solid research, and persuasive arguments with determined effort and mindfulness, Kanthaka’s professionals are able to resolve issues for our clients.

We are legal problem-solvers. We seek to build a solid relationship with you to help minimize the difficulty you face in your legal needs. By standing with you today, Kanthaka Law seeks to guide you to a better tomorrow.

In Buddhism, horses represent energy and effort in the seeking of dharma, the “universal truth.” According to Buddhist legend, Kanthaka was a favored white horse that was a magnificent white stallion. We have intentionally named our firm to align with the beliefs that we hold true. We seek truth and proceed by taking proper legal action. We offer our clients mindful representation that is strong yet thoughtful.

Many of our legal team members have also been in the military, which has enabled us to include a military focus in our legal work. Not only does our practice draw upon the strong ethical lessons that we learned in the military, but it also has enabled our team to fight hard and relentlessly for our clients.

Loyalty is our commitment to focus on the needs of our clients. Integrity is our dedication to competent legal representation in the service of our clients. Honor is our practice of guiding our clients to achieve their goals within the ethical bounds of the legal profession.

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At the Kanthaka Group, we are committed to providing excellent service to you and we are honored to be able to guide our clients towards positive results. Contact our experienced Colorado Springs lawyers at the Kanthaka Group today for your free initial consultation. We look forward to providing immediate assistance with your legal issue.