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Family legal matters are extremely difficult to navigate. Kanthaka Group’s Colorado Springs family lawyers are empathetic and understanding when you come to us with a family law matter. We are a resolution-driven law firm. We will commit to resolving your family legal matters to ensure you are granted the peace of mind that you deserve. 

Some of the types of family law cases that we handle include:

  • Allocation for Parental Responsibility
  • Child Custody
  • Dissolving a Civil Union
  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Paternity Cases
  • Relinquishing Parental Rights
  • Relocating Minor Children

There is an abundance of types of family law cases that our family lawyers can work with you to resolve. We understand that your number one priority is to seek a resolution. At Kanthaka Group, our team will dedicate our time and resources to grant you the best possible resolution that works for your circumstance.

We Serve All Types of Families Across Colorado Springs

Families come in all different dynamics and types. At the Kanthaka Group, we feel it is important to represent all types of families. Gone are the days of a family having to require a husband, wife, and children. We take pride in our ability to help each different family type. We are devoted to resolving your family law challenges with the attention and compassion that you deserve.

We seek to build a solid relationship with you to help you achieve your goals and minimize the difficulty you face. By standing with you today, Kanthaka Law seeks to guide you to a better tomorrow.

Colorado Springs Military Family Law

Our Colorado Springs family lawyers have military backgrounds. We have worked to develop and build a strong military family law practice. There is a whole set of additional rules and regulations that come into play for military law that is different from civilian law.

Whether you’re in the military or your spouse is the one in uniform, there are special considerations you’ll need to be aware of. In civilian law, a divorce can be a straightforward procedure, especially if you both agree on assets, custody issues, and related matters. But once military law is introduced into the equation, there are more areas where you’ll need to be clear on the rules. With legal counsel, your rights will be protected and your responsibilities properly met. We are committed to working with you to pursue your best interests.

What to Expect When You Meet With Our Colorado Springs Family Lawyers

When you meet with our professional Colorado Springs legal team, your first consultation is free. We’ll meet with you to mindfully discuss the circumstances leading up to your family’s legal needs. We are sensitive to the fact that you are going through a difficult time, and we hope to make your legal experience as seamless as possible. Based on our conversation with you in our initial consultation, we will determine the best legal course of action to pursue. From there, we will work with you each step of the way and keep you informed as we proceed.

Our family lawyers take a pragmatic view when assessing your legal needs and determining a course to follow for a positive resolution. Our belief is that ethical, yet strong and aggressive advocacy yields the best results in all endeavors. By combining understanding, proper thoughts and actions, persuasive arguments based on solid research, with determined effort and mindfulness, Kanthaka’s professionals are able to resolve family legal issues for our clients.

Why Should You Hire a Colorado Springs Family Lawyer? 

At the Kanthaka Group, we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional service to our clients when they are going through a difficult time. We understand that this is a troubling time for you and your loved ones. We will work hard to resolve your family law needs in an ethical yet effective manner so that you can move forward with a process that is comfortable for you.

Our family lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure that your legal and procedural rights are protected. We understand the complicated legal issues surrounding family law cases in Colorado Springs, enabling our team to deliver you positive results. We will take the time to do our due diligence and look through policies, personal assets, and combined assets that may influence your family legal matter.

We advocate on your behalf and work with you to reach the best possible outcome for your family law situation, which may require an approach centered around alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and settlement conferences. If your family legal matter case requires a court hearing, our legal team is prepared to represent you. We understand that other parties involved in the family law matter may advocate for a court hearing because they know it is not what the client would like. Our Colorado Springs family lawyers start preparing your case for the unlikely event that you may go to court. Not only are we prepared for trial, but we will work with you to ensure that you are fully prepared for all of the unexpected instances that you may encounter in the trial. 

Contact Our Colorado Springs Family Lawyers Today. We Are Here To Help.

At the Kanthaka Group, we are legal problem-solvers. We seek to build a solid relationship with you to help minimize the difficulty you face in your family’s legal needs. By standing with you today, Kanthaka Law seeks to guide you to a better tomorrow.

We are committed to focusing on providing excellent service to you and we are honored to be able to guide our clients towards positive results. Contact an experienced family lawyer at the Kanthaka Group today for your free initial consultation. We look forward to providing immediate assistance with your legal issue.