What to Do if You Have Been in a Colorado  Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists are significantly more likely to be involved in injury accidents per mile traveled in the United States compared to passengers driving cars. With this in mind, before you hop on your bike, it’s important to be prepared.

Crash victims frequently tell our attorneys that they regret not being better prepared for what to do at the scene of the crash and in the hours, days, and weeks that followed. Recovering from a motorcycle accident can be difficult, painful, and expensive. An experienced accident attorney can assist motorcycle accident victims in recovering compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Police. 

Wait for the police to arrive and do not hesitate to file a police report, regardless of whether you plan to pursue legal action. A police officer will take statements, speak with the drivers and witnesses, assess property damage, collect insurance information, and issue citations (if appropriate).   

  1. Call an Ambulance.

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious and life-threatening injuries. In the event that anyone is injured, call an ambulance to the scene to perform an evaluation and transport them to the local hospital. If you are injured in a motorcycle crash, emergency personnel may suggest that you ride an ambulance to the hospital so that doctors can examine your injuries immediately. Nevertheless, even if you don’t visit the hospital immediately after the wreck, you should still seek medical attention within a day or two.

  1. Get the Insurance Information of the Other Driver 

The majority of collisions with motorcycles cause serious damage and injuries. Even if you do not immediately feel pain or injury, it is still crucial to get the other driver’s insurance, vehicle, and personal information. It is not uncommon for someone to feel fine at the scene of an accident but to realize that an injury exists hours or days later.

  1. Take Pictures of Your Injuries and the Accident Scene.

For insurance and legal reasons, it’s important to gather as much evidence as possible about what happened. If possible, take videos and photos of the accident scene and your injuries. The bike, car, or motorcycle that collided with you, and the roadway features should all be captured. Legal teams and insurance companies will look at evidence such as roadway skidmarks, roadway conditions, gravel, road signs, sun position, obstructions in the field of view, and others. 

  1. Seek Medical Attention.

Motorcycle accident victims should seek immediate medical attention at an Emergency Room or through a qualified medical provider in their community. Stress and adrenaline may cause you to underestimate your injuries, and sometimes symptoms do not appear for hours or days following an accident. A physician can determine whether a dormant injury is present even if obvious injuries are not visible. 

  1. Be Careful When Speaking with the Insurance Company.

To pursue a claim, an injured motorcyclist must speak with his or her insurance company; however, this should only be done after consulting with an attorney. You should also be cautious using social media. Facebook and other online spaces are routinely searched by insurance companies to see if there are any posts related to the crash and they may use the information against you. Do not post anything related to the crash or the pursuit of a case or claim.

  1. Contact an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

When a person suffers a serious injury due to an unsafe roadway feature or a negligent driver, legal counsel may be necessary. It’s important to wait until you’ve met with your lawyer to provide your full thoughts on the case and any evidence you may have. A lawyer will instruct you on when and how to speak with your insurance company and in many cases, take over communication between you, your insurance company, and the other party. This will take some stress off you and ensure the facts of your case are presented in the best way possible.

Our Colorado Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Are Here for You.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, our Colorado motor vehicle accident attorneys can help. When you get in a crash, it can be confusing figuring out who’s at fault and who will pay for your damages. Our motorcycle accident attorneys can put your mind at ease and ensure you gain compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. For a free and completely confidential case evaluation, call the Kanthaka Group at (719) 633-2222.