Holiday Delivery Truck Accidents — Knowing The Risks And What To Do

As the holiday season approaches, you might have noticed an influx of delivery trucks out on the roads. A fast-moving stream of FedEx, UPS, Amazon, USPS, and other commercial trucks occupy the streets and highways as companies rush to deliver necessities and gifts. 

With many people choosing to do their holiday shopping online this year, billions of packages will be delivered through companies like these. Delivery truck drivers are under a lot of pressure and are often pushed to take unsafe risks to empty their trucks and meet deadlines. 

During the holidays, delivery truck drivers are affected by a variety of risk factors that influence their driving. Some of these factors include:

Heavy Traffic 

In addition to tight delivery dates, the holiday season also sees a significant increase in traffic. Although many companies use airplanes to transport goods, most of them also use trucks and truck drivers for transport across the country. 

Drowsy Driving

It is not uncommon for drivers to continue driving despite fatigue. During the holiday season, truckers may feel increased pressure to keep driving even when they would normally stop to rest. In some cases, trucking companies may ask truckers to lie in their logbooks in order to comply with legal requirements.


Temporary employees are often hired during the holiday season and they may not be as experienced driving large delivery trucks as their peers who work year-round. 


The higher the speed, the greater the risk of an accident. Due to tight deadlines, truckers may exceed safe speed limits even during poor weather conditions.

Driving At Night

While most delivery drivers operate during daytime hours, many are commissioned to work at night as well. Accident likelihood increases at night when drivers are more fatigued and struggle with poor visibility. 

What To Do After An Accident With A Delivery Truck

While you cannot totally eliminate your risk of being involved in a delivery truck accident, there are several things you can do to protect your rights in the event of a collision:

Following a truck accident, you should seek safety and assess your injuries. As soon as possible, get the other driver’s contact information and registration number. The registration number is often found on the front or side of the cab. Obtain a copy of the police report and details about the truck, the trucking company, and the driver. Record eyewitnesses’ statements. Take pictures of both vehicles, the accident scene, your injuries, and anything else you think might be relevant. 

No matter how minor your injuries may seem, seeing a medical professional is crucial. Symptoms may not appear for hours or even days. Stress and adrenaline can also make you overlook or underestimate your injuries. When it comes to filing an insurance claim, it is imperative that you document the injuries you have suffered.

Consult An Attorney  

It is important that you do not accept any offers from the trucking company or the insurance company without consulting an attorney first. The settlement they offer may not be sufficient to compensate you for the injuries, medical care, property damage, and lost wages that resulted from your accident. 

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