Divorce is one of the most traumatic events that most going through the process will ever endure. To understand that, you must understand the purpose of divorce. The purpose of divorce is to separate the lives of the parties from a legal partnership back into two individuals; identify and separate the property of the parties and allocate parental responsibilities if there are children involved. Each of these separately is draining physically, intellectually, and emotionally. When they all happen together, it becomes traumatic. The process doesn’t help.

The courts assign a stranger, the judge, to determine any dispute that the parties may have and are unable to resolve through other means. Depending on the jurisdiction, the judge may allocate just a couple of hours (1-2) to hear the life story of the parties and decide how to split their lives. All of the time, energy and emotion that you have put into building your lives together, years, will be split by a judge based on a couple of hours of hearing your story. That is the reality of taking a divorce all the way to a final hearing in front of the judge. There is a better way.

Mediation is almost unilaterally ordered in divorce cases in Colorado. However, many couples fail to take full advantage of the process. Instead of thinking about whether they can compromise for the benefit of all involved, they focus on getting the biggest piece of the pie. That is not to say that you shouldn’t fight for what you believe is fair, but you should listen to the mediator and the attorney about the alternative.

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