In these difficult times, often those of us who respond to the needs of our neighbors and communities, neglect our own affairs.  This is true for volunteers as well as career responders.  To help in allowing our first responders to focus on the important role they play in this critical time, we at the Kanthaka Group are offering an affordable set of estate planning documents. 
If you are an active, volunteer or career, firefighter, pre-hospital medical provider (i.e. EMT, Paramedic, etc), or law enforcement officer, in the 4th Judicial District (i.e. Teller or El Paso County) we will help you put your legal house in order so you can focus on the care and services you provide.  For the nominal fee of $125, we will provide the Responder a suite of documents reflecting your needs.  These include a basic Will, Power of Attorney, Durable Medical Power of Attorney, and Advance directive (or “Living Will”).  For an additional $75 we will provide the same suite of documents to the spouse, partner or significant other of the Responder.  If our interview with you indicates you need other more advanced documents, such as a gun trust or more complicated estate planning, we will offer those services as well as significantly reduced costs.
Of course, this offer is limited to the duration of the current health emergency, or 90 days, whichever occurs first; the capacity of the Kanthaka Group to provide services; and, the rules governing the practice of law, such as conflicts of interest, etc.  We necessarily reserve the right to decline to provide services to anyone, if the representation would contrary to the rules that govern the practice of law.
If you are in need of these or other legal services during this health emergency, please call the Kanthaka Group at 719-633-2222.  Be sure to mention that you are a first responder and this offer.  The Kanthaka Group understands first responders and we are here to support you and your family during these interesting times.