“May you live in interesting times.”  Today, we find ourselves as a community, Nation, and World in such times.  Whether, this opportunity and its challenges are a curse, or a blessing will be for historians.  The challenges that COVD-19 presents will change the way business is conducted and may bring long-lasting innovations.

Recognizing the importance of “social distancing” to the success of our joint efforts to reduce exposure to the COVID-19 virus, we allow employees who choose to work remotely to do so.  This means attorneys and staff may not be physically at the office during normal hours.  So, please call for appointments.  We would not want you needlessly coming to the office.

While this arrangement should not interfere with the work we perform for our clients, we apologize for any delay that may result.  We are working to ensure that all attorneys and staff have the technological support and equipment to work remotely during this time, and are able to continue to serve our clients.  We can still be reached by email or telephone messaging. 

Moreover, we are extending and leveraging our use of technology.  We are utilizing Skype® and other apps for video-conferencing and large meetings, such as corporate meetings, we are putting online the Go To Meeting® app.  Our conference rooms are video conference equipped and our lawyers can conference from their desks.

The Courts are responding to these challenges as well. On our website, you will find Orders from our State’s Chief Judge and the Chief Judge of our 4th Judicial District.  Each District and jurisdiction is different in their handling of routine business affairs.  We are exploring the impacts on our client interests in each case.

If you have any questions, please call us.  In the meantime, please be safe and may you have good health.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



John M. Scorsine, Esq.
Managing Member
Kanthaka Group